Twilight, Nvest, Builderium, OmniBazaar, Coinfast, TreeBlock Campaigns ended.

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06th Jan 2019

Please read carefully in order to receive your tokens.

Dear Users! Builderium, Min, Omnibazaar, Coinfast,Treeblock, Nvest and Twilight Coin bounty campaigns ended. In  order to receive your tokens please read the steps below carefully.

Please check all spreadsheets. If you have an issue regarding the stakes please fill the objection form. Do not write on telegram group. We can only help via form.

TwilightCoin Spreadsheet

Nvest Spreadsheet

Builderium Spreadsheet

Coinfast Spreadsheet

Treeblock Spreadsheet

OmniBazaar Spreadsheet

Objection Form  (Form closed)

Objection Answers


In order to receive OmniCoin you have to donwload omnicoin wallet and give us your omnicoinwallet username (not address). Please type your omnicoin wallet username in the form below.

OmniCoin wallet download link

OmniCoin Wallet Adding Form (Form closed)

Treeblock tokens will be sent to their wallet. In order to receive Treeblock tokens, you have to sign up to with the same email address which you registered on bountysuite. Then Put the same ether address which you put in your bountysuite profile(This option will be added later).

MIN ICO canceled. We have just heard Min CEO is in trouble in Saudi Arabia because of launching ICO. We have tried to contact with them but have never reached.

*** All forms will be closed on January 13th. Objections will not be accepted after this date.

*** Distribution dates will be announced when the teams informed us.

*** Token amounts will be added 3 days later.