Sobit, Soom, Skynet, Lux&Digital, Repme, Tuk Tuk Pass, Cryptonity, Smart City, Talentchain, Dacxi Bounty Campains ended.

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02th Dec 2018

These are closed for the objections. Spreadsheets are locked.

Soom Bounty Distribution has been ended. Please check your all wallets. 

* Skynet &SmartCity tables are finalized. Please fill the form if you have any issue. Signature codes can be removed. 

* Token amounts will be added 3 days later. Objection form will be closed on December 07th.

* Your issue will be fixed within 24 hours. If not please pm to @TokenSuiteBuse 

Skynet Spreadsheet:

SmartCity Spreadsheet:

Objection Form:  ( removed )

Objection Answers:

* Repme, Tuk Tuk Pass and Crypronity sheet has been sent to the core teams. Objections are closed for these. 

Repme Spreadsheet:

Tuk Tuk Pass Spreadsheet:

Cryptonity Spreadsheet:

!!!! ATTENTION!!!!

* Signature tables are fixed now(recent weeks stakes will be added at the end of the campaign). You have to submit weekly in order to receive stake. You can fill the form any day of the week. If you do not submit weekly you cannot receive stake. We will think that you left from the signature campaign. Even If you left from signature campaign you will not lose your recent stakes. So Whenever you want you can remove your signatures and join another campaign.

* The first wallet address in your profile has to be Ethereum address. Then you can add others. Please put only wallet address. Do not type ETH or Ethereum address. Just put your wallet address.


 ( ( (* We have spotted some scammers on signature and telegram campaigns who use others telegram name or profile link. They will be banned from the bountysuite and will not receive any reward. Their stakes will be distributed among our members.


* Repme distributed.

* Soom distribution ended.

* Etherinc, Gabrotech, Sobit, tokens have been distributed by the core teams. If you have any issue regarding distribution please ask the teams in their telegram groups.

* Dacxi will be distributed on December 15th. 

* Skynet, Tuk Tuk Pass, Cryptonity, Smart City, Talentchain, Lux&Digital will be distributed after the end of the token sale. Please follow theirs telegram groups.

BountySuite Announcement Channel: