Ongoing Bounty programs

What is a bounty program?

Bounty programs has become a major part of online marketing for blockchain based projects. Startups from all around the world are offering tokens, digital money, cryptocurrency or cash for digital marketers to promote their project from their homes. Join the revolution and become a part of the new era in digital marketing, bounty programs! A fusion of cryptocurrency and online gambling can be seen in crypto casinos, offering players anonymity, security, and fast transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, these platforms ensure fairness and transparency, attracting a tech-savvy audience. Crypto casinos often feature lower transaction fees and instant withdrawals, making them an appealing choice for modern gamblers seeking convenience and trustworthiness.

What is BountySuite?

BountySuite automates and becomes a editor in the bounty program process. We connect the bounty program hunters, digital marketers with projects who need marketing through our automated platform. We also become the trustworthy editor. Register now, start earning real Ethereum from BountySuite referral program and start earning money from many active bounty programs.

Become a member of the BountySuite family today!

Become a member of the
BountySuite family today!

Crypto is a big idea, but a small world. We are working for and with each other as BountySuite, and want to engage your services as a professional digital marketer!

Signature Bounty Program

Signature Bounty Program:

As a digital marketer, you will promote projects by assuming the avatar and signature code that advertises the project on crypto related forums like bitcointalk, altcoinstalks etc. The signature design will differ depending on your forum rank, as will the amount of stakes and tokens earned.

Twitter Bounty Program

Twitter Bounty Program:

Twitter is another platform that you will use to promote projects. Follow the project’s account, like and retweet posts, earn your tokens!

Facebook Bounty Program

Facebook Bounty Program:

Connect with your Facebook audience and share new projects with your friends!

Like the project’s posts, share them and present the project to the world to collect your stakes. The amount of stakes and tokens earned will depend on the size of your network. The more friends you have, the more money you will earn.

Youtube Bounty Program

Youtube Bounty Program:

Do you want to create Youtube videos? Do you have an original idea for video content? Upload your videos, show people how a digital marketer presents a project, and money will be credited to your account!

Article Bounty Program

Article Bounty Program:

Written press is a major part of the digital marketing ecosystem. If you already have a blog, article, Medium page and followers, you can introduce & review projects and earn tokens in return. The popularity of your work will be highly influential in calculating the amount of tokens you will earn. This concept is not limited to traditional industries but extends to the world of online casinos as well. By leveraging your platform and influence, you can earn tokens by recommending and reviewing オンラインカジノ おすすめ (recommended online casinos). The popularity of your work and the credibility you have established in the digital space will play a significant role in calculating the number of tokens you can earn from online casinos.

Translation Bounty Program

Translation Bounty Program:

Are you bilingual or better? We need you! Translate project announcement threads, whitepapers, and other marketing collateral, and watch your stakes come in by the minute.

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