Sinovate - Sonicx -Authpaper Bounty Programs (Spreadsheets)

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21th Aug 2019

Please fill the objection form if you have any issue. All issues will be checked and fixed in 24 hours.

Sinovate Bounty Table:

Sonicx Bounty Table :

Authpaper Bounty Table:

Objection Form:

Objections Spreadsheet:


Sinovate will be distributed on 26-31 Aug 2019 manually. Please be patient.

Sonicx to be announced. Don't forget to register at with the same email address which you registered on bountysuite.


Due to the fact that unsold tokens will be burnt and the total token supply will be less than 100 million Authpaper team decided to change bounty pool from 12m AUPC to 6m AUPC. However, Youtube and Article token amounts decreased because of a lot of non-quality contents and low participation. These tokens were added into the signature campaign pool. 

Token distribution will be divided into 4 parts. 25% will be distributed by each part.

First distribution: 1-2 week of September

second: end of October

third: end of November

fourth: end of December