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Please, read the BountySuite FAQ. If you still need help, you can contact with the BountySuite team via
It’s easy! First, sign up at bountysuite.com. After your registration, you can click the ‘Bounty Programs’ section on the top of the site.
You will see ongoing bounty programs.

First, make sure that you log in. After that please, connect your social media accounts to your BountySuite account.

Visit your profile, edit your old Ethereum address and paste the new one. If bounties are completed before adding new address, please contact with us through telegram support group.

Please reach us on our support channel. Our Telegram handle is https://t.me/BountySuiteSupport

After you register on a bounty campaign and complete your tasks properly. Please note that calculation of your stakes can take 30 minutes.

If you pm one of our managers, they will help you and fix your problem.

After signing up , you will be monitoring your application in the main box which will appear  And in the right side of it ,  you will see a icon shaped as a pen . Click on it and you can make changes in the regarding to your needs . To finalise the changes please  click on submit button .

You do not need to report on bct . BountySuite automatically monitors and distributes your stakes  on your social media accounts linked to any campaign.

You can submit  maximum 3 videos and articles which the content needs to be different from each other . You can not post the same content in different platforms .  Your stakes will be calculated at the end of the campaign .

Bounty manager's telegram address is pinned on the top right on every bounty page .  You can communicate them from there.

The distribution dates of tokens can be different regarding to the Bounty campaign .  In general, it takes 2 - 4 weeks for tokens to be distributed after ICO . We will be announcing  it from our telegram channel, when the distribution dates are clear .

Thanks to everyone. Referral program has been ended.

Thanks to everyone. Referral program has been ended.

The amount of tokens on public table  is automatically updated according to the number of participants and the total stakes . You will be seeing the final token amount by the end of the Bounty campaign .  

On the second row on each  public table ,there is a search button in the username section .  In this section you can search by entering your user name. Your username is on your profile page above ethereum address. You may change it whenever you want. If you can't find yourself by username please try twitter and telegram handle names.

Bounties with exclusive tags are managed by Bountysuite .  You can find the manager's telegram link on each campaign page and this is how you can get in communication with them .  

 Non - exclusive tagged ( with no tags )  are the bounties that are managed by different companies and managers , which have nothing to do with Bountysuite .  It is just listed on our site for your information. You can communicate via bitcointalk with the bounty managers of listed bounties as well .

It's so easy. Just go to your profile page. Click on edit icon near Ethereum Wallet address. Click on plus icon, put your wallet address and click save. You dont need to write token/coin name. Just please put the address.

You have to submit the signature campaign form weekly. If you do not fill the form you cannot receive stake for that week. If you have any issue regarding that please contact with your bounty manager.