Announcement Regarding Volentix & AZ FundChain

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21th Feb 2019

Please read the all steps carefully in order to recive your Volentix & AZ FundChain tokens.


In order to receive your tokens, You have to register on AZ FundChain Dashboard with the same email address which you have registered on bountysuite. Tokens will be sent to your Dashboard after the end of the token sale.


In order to receive your tokens,, you would need to follow the steps and instructions below: 

✅ Download the Verto Wallet Available for Mac and Windows 

Desktop only for now 

✅ Must complete the whitelist application and verify your email

✅ Associate your Verto wallet to your blocktopus account. 

Watch this video: 

How to Get VTX:

Last step : Put your verto wallet address into your bountysuite profile.