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16th Feb 2019


     The purpose of the bounty programs is to collect supporters for your project rather than collecting investors. According to the survey that we made, the ones who participated in your bounty programs have the potential of investing in your project varies between 0% and 20 %.

     If you want to launch and organize a successful bounty program and winning this 20% of those investors. Please take your time and read our recommendations which is based on our experience.

        How to launch a bounty program?

     There are standard bounty campaigns for every bounty program which are making participants following your social media, sharing your bounty-related articles, embedding your signature codes to the participants and marketing your project in that way, translating your documents into other languages last but not least, letting participants write and make videos about your product. But first, you need to define your needs.  Those ones are the must of a bounty program but let’s not limit you with those as well. We can work together and manage with an idea you can come up with according to your needs and within the rules.

Here are some of them ;

  • Bug bounty campaign,

  • Telegram meme/sticker bounty campaign,,

  • Developer bounty campaign,

  • Email subscription bounty campaign,

  • Influencer bounty campaign,,

  • Infographic bounty campaign, etc.

     Bounty program has no limits. Any task that may be useful for you can be added.

      Of course, you can manage your own bounty campaign. Managing a bounty campaign on your own may bring extra load and will waste much of your time. You need to be dealing with participants, following up with the tasks and ensuring that those executed in the right way. For this reason, it will be the right decision for your bounty campaign to be managed by the companies that are specialized in this area.  

     Important points to be considered

     Important points that you need to be careful about protecting your investors and your project while launching your bounty campaign ;

  • The amount of token allocated for the bounty campaign must not exceed 5% of the tokens sold in total. Allocating high amounts of tokens for the bounty camping, would not be liked by the potential investors. Our recommendation will be that the total number of allocated tokens should be %2-4 of the tokens that sold in total.

  • Set your rules and be clear about them from the beginning. Changes in rules, changes in an allocated number of tokens or amount of pools for the campaigns would not be welcomed by the bounty hunters. That would hurt the reputation from the beginning.

  • Stay away from the rules, that will bring nothing but the negativity to your project like  “Join our Telegram group and post about the project once a week” You probably want tour telegram group to be active. The quality of the content would have a negative effect on your investors.

     How to be successful

     In order for your project to be successful, organic growth is really important. To ensure it, the quality of your project and marketing must be handled professionally. Based on our experience in the field of marketing, we must:

  • Press Releases: Publishing your content  on Crypto related sites or sites that have been followed by investors

  • ICO Listing: There are hundreds of those listing sites. We recommend you to be listed on the most popular listing sites for ICO ’s.With an extra budget, we also recommend you to purchase a premium listing which will be helping you to be recognized in the list of hundreds. In addition, some of those sites have also been providing ICO analysis reports which can attract attention  of the investors

  • Blockchain Events: Participate in blockchain events. Especially prefer the events that investors will participate.

  • Google&Youtube Ads: You can reach your target market by advertising on those platforms we mention.

  • Influencer Market: There phenomenon figures related to the crypto market who set trends and followed by masses. With an additional fee, you could be using these figures and make them tell about your project to the world.