Regarding Volentix, Swinca, Dinngo, Tercet, Cryptonity, Builderium, OmniBazaar, Coinfast, TreeBlock and Dacxi Campaigns.

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31th Jan 2019

Please read this blog carefullly in order to receive your tokens.

Volentix Bounty Campaign:

Reddit Campaign has been launched. You can join and start upvote from today.

Volentix participants also need to subscribe Volentix Youtube channel. Please show your support to Volentix and subscribe their channel. 

In order for you to receive the allocated stakes in VTX, you would need to follow the steps and instructions below: 

✅ Download the Verto Wallet Available for Mac and Windows 

Desktop only for now 

✅ Must complete the whitelist application and verify your email

✅ Associate your Verto wallet to your blocktopus account. 

Watch this video: 

How to Get VTX:

Swinca , Dinngo and Tercet Bounty Campaigns: 

These campaigns have ended. Spreadsheets will be ready for your objections in the next week. Tercet and Dinngo distribution will happen in March. Swinca team wanted to run the second round of the bounty campaign. This will also last 8 weeks and bounty amount will be $200,000 worth of tokens. The second round will be launched soon. Swinca token distribution will happen after the end of the ICO.

Cryptonity Bounty Campaign:

Token distribution has started. Please be patient because distribution will take time.

Builderium, OmniBazaar, Coinfast Campaigns:

OmniBazaar spreadsheet will be updated today and sent to the team for distribution. Omnicoins will be distributed in the next week. 

Builderium and Coinfast projects have not reached their softcap. We are in contact with them for token distribution. We ll announce via our telegram groups when we have been informed.

Treeblock Bounty Campaign: 

Treeblock tokens will be sent to their wallet. In order to receive Treeblock tokens, you have to sign up to with the same email address which you registered on bountysuite. Then Put the same ether address which you put in your bountysuite profile (this option will be added later).

Dacxi Bounty Campaign:

Dacxi token distribution has ended. If you have not received your Dacxi tokens please contact with the team via [email protected] Dacxi distribution sheet is here. If you are in the sheet you should had tokens.