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16th Feb 2019


     Been enrolled with a lot of bounties and ended up disappointed? In this article, we will be briefly going over the important points you need to be considering before joining a bounty and how to make money out of bounties.

1. Social Media Campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Steemit etc.)

    Most of the projects desired that, they want their social media accounts to be active and followed by many people. They also want their articles and news to be shared.  In return of this, they reward participants with tokens. The tokens amounts can be low regarding the number of participants, participating in a bounty. If you do join more social media campaigns, there is a positive possibility of earning better token amounts in total.  

How to earn more from social media campaigns?

  • Social media campaigns are mostly distributed stakes weekly and based on weekly time period. Sooner you enter, the more token you will be receiving.  

  • The number of followers is important. If you increase your number of followers, you will get higher stakes.

  • You can join with more than one account unless getting detected and not abusing the system :)  although it is prohibited.

  • Having an effective mass followers is an important key. What you share is really appreciated by your followers and attract good amount of numbers, there is a possibility of receiving more tokens. Simply send a message to your bounty manager and let him now. Not mentioning 100 or 500 followers and likes ..we mean more :)

2. Signature Campaigns (Bitcointalk, Bitcoingarden, Altcoinstalks etc.)

    It is about embedding the desired signature code to your accounts that you are using in forums like Bitcointalk, Bitcoingarden, Altcoinstalks. You will be receiving stakes weekly, if you reached the number of posts stated in rules.

How to earn more from signature campaigns?

  • Your ranking is important. Higher  your rank in forums, more tokens you will receive

  • Quality of the posts is really important. You will not receive any stakes from signature campaigns, if you are spamming or continuously posting low-quality posts.

  • You can join different signature campaigns of ongoing bounties, by opening different accounts of forum platforms like( Bitcointalk, Bitcoingarden, Altcoinstalks ).

3. Video and  Article Campaigns

    It is one of the campaigns that you can have a good of amount of earnings. Mostly participants ended up receiving no stakes or really low stakes. Reason to that is; they prefer copying content from the website and whitepaper which is easier.  Another is to copy content from other participants or plagiarize intros that has nothing to do with the article.

How to earn more from video and article campaigns?

  • Try to earn organic followers. You can achieve this with the quality of the articles you wrote and share.

  • Stay away from the accounts like Follow me/ Follow back. They will have a negative effect for the quality of your blog.

  • Original content will always be appreciated by bounty managers. Believe us, they will be recognizing that. Tell people about the project, about its weakness and strengths and explain why it can be invested in. This is the simplest and the best way to have a good quality article, to have organic followers and last but not least to receive higher stakes.  

  • Prefer and use blog sites like  Medium, Steemit etc. Sharing articles on these sites can help you get more stakes. On the other hand sites like WordPress, Blogspot, minds etc. are not accepted by the majority of the bounty owners or teams.

  • If you have a website of your own, there is the possibility of getting better stakes based on traffic of your site and the quality of the content.

4. Translation Campaigns (finding bugs,  creating memes & sticker, infographics, etc.)

    If you trust your English knowledge you can convert it to money. You can earn big prizes by translating white papers or other documents of ICO projects from English to your native language. There's only one thing you must be aware of. Do not use automatic translation programs. Such translations are rejected and you cannot receive reward.

5. Other Campaigns (finding bugs,  creating memes & sticker, infographics, etc.)

    Apart from the standard bounty campaigns, you could be seeing such campaigns as we mentioned in the header. If you do have skills and ability to do so, there is a good possibility of earning high stakes and since participation would not be high to those campaigns.  


  • It is really important to choose the right bounty to participate in today's market conditions. Most of the ICO’s is being ended up unsuccessful.Considering  the points that we specify will lead you to better results and tokens hopefully.

  • It is always a plus for the project to have analysis reports and to be listed on some important listing sites like (ICO Drops, ICO rating, etc.). Being listed or ranked high on ICO listing websites can be misleading. Points and ranks can also make you lose money and time. Do your own research, it is much better.

  • Always do research about team members background, LinkedIn profiles and as well as their previous business initiative.

  • Always follow up with their official accounts and focus on the quality of their publications from there. Try reading articles which they publish from their medium accounts. You will be noticing the quality of the articles after a point. It will also help you to make up your mind about the project rather it is a quality one or not.

  • Follow their social media accounts (telegram, discord, rocketchat vs ). You could also monitor the popularity of the project by reading other participants thoughts about project.

  • You can see for yourself from their official accounts, if they do join events or not, related to blockchain.

  • Analyze whether the project has brought innovation. A new idea encourages people to invest.

  • Don't be fooled by the amount of the prize. The ones who are committing real high reward amounts are mostly scam or the team does not know what they are doing. No other team can distribute such high amount of rewards in today's ICO market conditions.

     What we have been going through and describe in this article is entirely based upon our experience.  This is not legal advice for investing. Please do your own research.