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04th Feb 2019

In this blog we explain the future of BountySuite and upcoming bounty programs.

Hello there dear BountySuite users,

It's been a great 6 months with BountySuite. We have developed a lot of new features and fixed a lot of issues. We are still in process of fixing a lot of bugs. We also have a lot of features coming up:

  • More quality-based programs
  • New games and competitions
  • Public user profiles
  • Different agencies and bounty managers organizing bounty programs through BountySuite
We want to transform BountySuite to the one stop for all cryptocurrency based micro-service needs. Thus we have contacted every bounty manager and agency to organize their bounty programs on our platform completely for free.
We also have a few more bounty programs coming up this week!
Please get back to us with your feedback and let us know if you want any feature to be added.