Volentix&Swinca; Bounty programs ended.

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06th Apr 2019

Please check the spreadsheets to see your stakes.

The Spreadhseets will be open along a week. on 13th April , spreadsheets will be closed and will be sent to the teams for distribution. Distribution dates will be announced when the date is clear. 

Please check your status and fill the objection form if you have any issue. You can see the response of your issue on the objection answers sheet.

Volentix Spreadsheet

Swinca 2 Spreadsheet

Objection Form

Objection Answers Sheet


There are a lot of participant who have not put verto wallet address into bountysuite profile. Please put your verto wallet address into your bountysuite profile before objection form closed. Otherwise you ll not be able to receive Volentix tokens. Verto wallet starts with EOS. to learn how to download verto walet please check this blog or go to volentix website or kindly ask in Volentix tg group.